Ricky Vlogging - Happy

Always Do What Makes You Happy

I want to make a lot of money, live in a nice house, drive a beautiful car, go out to fancy dinners, and go anywhere I want, anytime I want. However, those are not my goals. I only have one goal: happiness. That is how I measure success in myself and…

Electricity Generating Water Fall

Electricity, Or Lack Thereof

Living without electricity is difficult. However, with all of the technologies we have today, it is not as difficult as it may seem. In my village, we have a generator that provides our electricity. We turn it on almost every night for about three hours. It can charge most small electronics, though…

Papaya Fruit Wine

How To Make Fruit Wine At Home

In Fiji I learned how to make fruit wine. Here they call it homebrew. It is cheap and easy. It is also illegal in Fiji, so obviously this post is theoretical. Anyone in any country can do it and have delicious wine made from their favorite fruits at a fraction of…

International Dateline Taveuni
Alan, Hannah, and Ricky

A Diving And Food Guide To Taveuni – Fiji’s Garden Island

I have visited Taveuni, the third largest Fijian island, five times. First with a group of volunteers for an Easter vacation, next with my sister to visit Bouma Falls, again with my mom to swim beneath the waterfalls in Lavena village, and two more times in a single week, once with my…

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