2014 Zinger 28RL

A Change Of Direction

I have been trying to figure out what to do with this blog now that I am no longer in Peace Corps. I have come to realize that, although it started as a journal of my experiences in Peace Corps Fiji, the blog bears my name. Therefore, it is not a blog about Peace Corps, or travel, or sharing culture, but a blog about me. It will constantly change, as I constantly change. For now, it will become what I have become—a world traveler trying to create a sustainable income on the road.

The new style of the blog could be described as finding success while traveling. It’s not as self-help-y as it sounds. I will post about the places I go, how I make money while traveling, how to save money on the road and still have a great time, and maybe sprinkle in a bit about financial investing. Other topics may creep in as my ideas and interests change

If you don’t care about traveling, entrepreneurship, or finance, this blog probably isn’t for you.

I promise to post regularly and be entertaining. If you ever catch me breaking that promise, please email me and let me know so I can get back on track. My first post will go up Tuesday, and I will post twice a week from here on out, on Tuesday and Friday.

For a bit of background, I just got out of Peace Corps and am now traveling from Minnesota to Washington with my brother in his RV. We are already in Wyoming (Yellowstone), and plan to be in Montana (for the second time) soon to explore Glacier National Park in a day or two. From there it’s over to Idaho, then Washington. And then, at the end of July, back to the South Pacific!

So stick around if you are interested. First post of the new blog goes up Tuesday.