Cloudy Skies - Headed to Camp

Headed To Camp

Starting tomorrow I will be at Camp GGLOW (Guys and Girls Leading Our World). I have many duties to perform at the camp but my main tasks are as photographer and cinematographer. As such, I will be sharing some awesome new photos and videos here in the coming weeks. Be sure to check back in a week to start seeing those.

I also want to shout a huge “THANK YOU!!!” to everyone who donated to Camp GGLOW 2017. It is because of you all that this is happening. I will be sure to include all of you in an email with pictures and videos once the camp has finished.

I have begun calling the boys and girls who will be attending the camp and they are beyond excited. And I am excited to share their joy and learn from them.

I did not want to bring my mattress all the way to the camp and lug it back on the bus, so I will be sleeping in a hammock the whole time. I have recently discovered the comfort of sleeping in a hammock and if you have never tried it I would highly recommend it. Pro tip: It’s most comfortable with a pillow.

There also won’t be any internet there, so I will be completely off the grid for a week. No YouTube videos or Instagram posts until I get back, sorry. :*( But I am going to try to Snapchat, so follow me there. My username is rickykresslein, just like all other social media.

See you soon! Also follow my Instagram to make sure you don’t miss any great pictures.