Lavena Waterfall

Kaivalagi (Outsider)

I love being a Peace Corps Volunteer in Fiji. It’s the greatest thing I have ever worked for and achieved in my life thus far. It is the experience of a lifetime and I already know that I will think about Fiji every day for the rest of my life….

Fiji Thanksgiving

Food Preparation in Peace Corps

During Peace Corps homestay, a volunteer’s host family is provided a fairly decent sum of money to provide all food. This includes the preparation of food, though the volunteer is encouraged to learn how the locals cook the local foods. For us in Fiji, we were required to learn to…

Ants Eat Puke

Ants, A Lizard, & Puke

Today my cat puked on my woven mat. I cleaned up what I could—a ton of tuna fish—but it was impossible to get up all the liquid. It gets in the gaps between the pandan leaves, with which the mat is woven. I bought paper towels last time I was…

Taking time away from my computer

A Break From The Computer

I have been spending too much time on the computer lately. It’s the same or less than the amount I spent in the U.S., but when no one else is ever on the computer it makes me think about it more. I’ve been sitting in my home, listening to waves crash…

Huge Hermit Crab

Creatures of Fiji

Many of the common animals that live in Fijian villages are not so different than the U.S. In Tawake we have dogs, cats, chickens, pigs, and horses. However, these animals run loose in the village, free to roam where they please. It would be weird to see chickens roaming around…