Traveling the US

Earn Money While Traveling

Earning money, budgeting, saving, and spending less than one earns are some of the most important subjects to figure out before a budget traveler hits the road. I have been traveling for a few years now and have learned some things about these topics that I am eager to share….

2014 Zinger 28RL

A Change Of Direction

I have been trying to figure out what to do with this blog now that I am no longer in Peace Corps. I have come to realize that, although it started as a journal of my experiences in Peace Corps Fiji, the blog bears my name. Therefore, it is not…

Fallen Coconut Tree

My Resignation From Peace Corps

I am finally back home in the good old United States of America! After two and a half years in a developing country, arriving home early was a welcome surprise. Although, the circumstances were not. Many of you may be wondering why my service ended early, and, after reading the title…

Camp GGLOW Campers

Camp GGLOW – HUGE Success!

Camp GGLOW 2017 was a bigger success than I could have ever wished or imagined. About 45 campers showed up and they were so well-behaved, smart, attentive, and caring of their fellow campers. They learned so much in the four days of camp. I was blown away by the amount…

Cloudy Skies - Headed to Camp

Headed To Camp

Starting tomorrow I will be at Camp GGLOW (Guys and Girls Leading Our World). I have many duties to perform at the camp but my main tasks are as photographer and cinematographer. As such, I will be sharing some awesome new photos and videos here in the coming weeks. Be sure…