Ricky In The Hoh

Ricky On Rails

I have begun a new endeavor, Ricky On Rails. Ricky On Rails (RoR) is an Instagram channel I started that showcases me, a web developer and traveler, visiting some of the coolest destinations in the world and working there with my laptop.

The point of the channel is to show how I can work for anywhere, and that you can, too. I want to prove that anyone can live and work on the road these days. We don’t need to stay locked down to one place if we don’t want to. The internet has provided so many opportunities for those who want a mobile lifestyle.

As most long-time readers will know, I recently got out of Peace Corps and I am now pursuing my dream of long-term travel. I started with a road trip across the USA with my brother, and I will be leaving for the South Pacific later this month. I plan on traveling for a minimum of a year.

A year of travel would leave many people broke, but I can work from anywhere with an internet connection. So, if I can cover my low expenses, I can travel for an indefinite amount of time without having to return “home” to work and save more money.

That said, my new channel is not for you if you don’t care about computer programming or web development. In other words, it’s not for most people. However, I guarantee high quality, cool photos, with me doing wacky things to get into them with my laptop.

In the coming months I will launch a new website for Ricky On Rails, though I’m not sure what it will display quite yet. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let me know by messaging me on any social media platform. I want this to turn into my biggest brand/channel over the next year, and I want to work together with you all, my subscribers, to make that happen and provide the content you want.

So, if you have a desire, go check out @rickyonrails on Instagram. If you don’t want to follow, no worries. I will still be posting three days a week on my main feed, @rickykresslein.